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Top Recommendations Not sure where to get started? Check out one of these great movies.

  • Watch Ocean's Eleven online
    Ocean's Eleven

    "If the new Ocean's Eleven is mostly Clooney's show, he's more than up to the task of carrying it. Indeed, this could be his career-defining role: The twinkle in his eye has never seemed more disreputable, his devil-may-care charm has never seemed so appealing, and he dominates the movie with the graceful ease of a Golden Age Hollywood star." Seattle Post-Intelligencer (William Arnold)

  • Watch Inception online

    "The versatile actor brings the full weight of his talent to bear on a difficult role. DiCaprio has to hint at unpleasant secrets in Cobb's past while forging a bond with the audience. It's up to the performer to make Inception more about human beings than about special effects. He succeeds and that's one reason why this movie isn't only about challenging ideas and eye candy." ReelViews (James Berardinelli)

  • Watch Red online

    "Red's dialogue is a bit blunt, its characters are too broadly outlined, and the situation verges on the ludicrous at times, especially in the way these dumb kids keep committing terrible crimes without leaving any evidence. But the movie isn't meant to be an exercise in realism." The A.V. Club (Noel Murray)

  • Watch Limitless online

    "Basically an addiction thriller in which the thirst is for the acquisition and execution of knowledge. So you need an actor who seems surprised by how smart he is but not afraid to be charmingly intelligent. Cooper turns out to be perfect for the part." Boston Globe (Wesley Morris)

  • Watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 online
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

    "Part 2 is something else altogether. Such digital effects as the marauding giants that squash baby wizards like bugs or the inky terror that is the Death Eaters – acolytes to the mad, bad wizard Voldemort (Fiennes) – are magnificent and experienced in one long, clutched breath. But what's missing is what has been the chief pleasure of the series: the chemistry between its young leads." Austin Chronicle (Kimberley Jones)

  • Watch Sherlock Holmes online
    Sherlock Holmes

    "Challenged by Downey’s energy, Jude Law, who often seems aimless in his movies, comes fully up to speed. He’s virile and quick-witted, and his Watson, if not Holmes’s equal in brainpower, comes close to him in daring. Their repartee evokes the banter of lovers in a screwball comedy; they flirt outrageously but chastely." The New Yorker (David Denby)

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