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Top Recommendations Not sure where to get started? Check out one of these great movies.

  • Watch I Am Sam online
    I Am Sam

    "The role sounds like a sentimental trap, but Penn doesn't fall into it. It's a sensational performance, and he illumines a movie that sometimes seems in danger of descending into modish Hollywood political correctness." Chicago Tribune (Michael Wilmington)

  • Watch District 9 online
    District 9

    "Blomkamp and his entire cast and crew have created an instant genre classic that transcends the self-limiting ghetto implied by the term "science fiction" and instead, like precursors such as Robert Wise's "The Day the Earth Stood Still," engages not only the mind but the heart as well. It's magnificent." Austin Chronicle (Marc Savlov)

  • Watch Mean Girls online
    Mean Girls

    "The director, Mark Waters, working with a smart casting team, has assembled a superb group of players. Scene by scene you can't help being impressed by Mean Girls; it's like a group of sketches linked by a theme, with some playing much better than others." The New York Times (A.O. Scott)

  • Watch The Core online
    The Core

    "The real core of The Core is the beautiful friendship between a highly emotive Eckhart and the sacrificial Karyo. Their bond is the best thing to happen to Franco-American relations since SpaghettiOs." Boston Globe (Wesley Morris)

  • Watch The Hunger Games online
    The Hunger Games

    "If the movie had a lead actress more delicate or malleable than the strong-cheeked Lawrence-a Natalie Portman, say-it would tip over into sexy-girl-killer celebration; the same goes for Harrelson's salty mentor, who is never too supportive or paternal. Both performers lean into the economies of survival, certain of the savagery that lies ahead, and come up with sharp work." Time Out New York (Joshua Rothkopf)

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