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Top Recommendations Not sure where to get started? Check out one of these great movies.

  • Watch The Intouchables online
    The Intouchables

    "It's worth noting that this movie is loosely based on actual people – except the real-life Driss character is, in fact, an Arab. If Driss had been an Arab, The Intouchables would have waded into less navigable waters, but it might have made for a tougher movie." Christian Science Monitor (Peter Rainer)

  • Watch Mean Girls online
    Mean Girls

    "The director, Mark Waters, working with a smart casting team, has assembled a superb group of players. Scene by scene you can't help being impressed by Mean Girls; it's like a group of sketches linked by a theme, with some playing much better than others." The New York Times (A.O. Scott)

  • Watch The Others online
    The Others

    "Though Kidman doesn't hesitate to make Grace high-strung and as tightly wound as they come, she also projects vulnerability and courage when they're called for. It's an intense, involving performance, and it dominates and energizes a film that would be lost without it." Los Angeles Times (Kenneth Turan)

  • Watch One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest online
    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    "So good in so many of its parts that there's a temptation to forgive it when it goes wrong. But it does go wrong, insisting on making larger points than its story really should carry, so that at the end, the human qualities of the characters get lost in the significance of it all. And yet there are those moments of brilliance." Chicago Sun-Times (Roger Ebert)

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